MLOC Source Code Modules

MLOC Source Code Modules

This page lists the code modules supplied in a distribution of the source code for mloc, with a brief description of their functions. If you want to get a quick understanding of how mloc works, look at mloc.f90, mlocset.f90, mloc_commands.f90 and

Main Program

  • mloc.f90: Assembles information on the details of the relocation and launches the relocation process. Version number and release date are set in a block data section at the end

Subroutine Modules

  • cal_shift.f90: Implements indirect calibration
  • dcal.f90: Output for direct calibration
  • dsvd2.f90: Singular value decomposition
  • hyposat_loc.f90: Travel times through a custom crustal model
  • libtau.f90: Tau-p travel time models
  • mloc_commands.f90: All commands processed
  • mlocinv.f90: Hypocentroidal decomposition algorithm
  • mlocio_mnf.f90: Read and write the various flavors of MNF (MLOC Native Format) event data format
  • mloclib.f90: Utility routines
  • mloclib_date_time.f90: Utility routines related to date and time
  • mloclib_geog.f90: Utility routines related to geographic manipulations
  • mloclib_gmt.f90: Utility routines related to GMT plots
  • mloclib_inv.f90: Utility routines related to hypocentroidal decomposition, inversion
  • mloclib_messages.f90: Utility routines related to messaging, feedback from the program
  • mloclib_phases.f90: Utility routines related to processing seismic phase names
  • mloclib_set.f90: Utility routines used mainly in mlocset
  • mloclib_stations.f90: Utility routines related to station codes and coordinates
  • mloclib_statistics.f90: Utility routines related to statistical analysis
  • mloclib_tt.f90: Utility routines related to travel time calculations
  • mlocout_bloc.f90: Output for BayesLoc
  • mlocout_comcat.f90: Output for GCCELand NEIC’s ComCat database
  • mlocout_cv.f90: Output of the full covariance matrix
  • mlocout_gmt.f90: Output plots using GMT
  • mlocout_hdf.f90: Output of one-line-per-event location summaries
  • mlocout_kml.f90: Output of the KML file of locations
  • mlocout_phase_data.f90: Output file with all phase data
  • mlocout_puke.f90: Output of a “contains everything” file format similar to GCCEL
  • mlocout_rderr.f90: Output of data on empirical reading errors for every station-phase
  • mlocout_summary.f90: Output of the summary file for a run
  • mlocout_tomo.f90: Output of a file format intended to support tomographic studies
  • mlocout_tt.f90: Output of data for specific phases
  • mlocout_ttsprd.f90: Output of data on the spread and baseline of residuals for each phase
  • mlocset.f90: Carries out the actual relocation

Include Files

  • Indirect calibration
  • Ellipticity calculations
  • Custom crustal model
  • Main include file, most variable definitions and named common blocks
  • Tau-P travel-time calculations