MLOC Desktop Manual

Desktop User’s Manual

The original form of documentation for mloc was carried on this website in a large number of interlinked web pages. This proved to be burdensome to maintain, so as of May 2021 the contents of this website have been repackaged as a stand-alone “Desktop User’s Manual” for mloc. It is an assemblage of the ~.html files originally created for this website and the various image and PDF files that are referenced within it. The Desktop Manual runs in your web browser but does not require an active internet connection for most functionality. Some external links will only work with an active internet connection. Most of the material originally on this website has been removed from the website but can be found in the Desktop Manual.

The Desktop User’s Manual for mloc can also be downloaded from the U.S. Geological Survey’s ScienceBase website for the Global Catalog of Calibrated Earthquake Locations (GCCEL) Project.

release date July 22, 2023, ~19 MB

After downloading and unzipping, launch the Desktop Manual by double-clicking the file “manual.html” at the top level of the folder.