MLOC lres File

~.lres File

This page deals with the ~.lres file that is read as input to the lres utility code, one of several utility codes that assist in the cleaning process of an mloc relocation analysis. mloc only creates this file if the command lres has been issued.

In addition to providing input to the lres utility code a ~.lres file is very useful as a guide in the use of the rstat utility program when an especially careful approach is taken to the cleaning process.

The format of the ~.lres file is documented in the code module mlocout_phase_data.f90. Here is an example:

  6 IAS                  ISC      P          27     6.45 19581026.1240.30.mnf  Pn            0
 36 TIC                  ISC      P         191     5.09 19980807.0136.15.mnf  P             0
 41 RDF                  ISC      Sn         79     5.31 20020228.0046.31.mnf  Sn            0
 43 PYA                  ISC      Pg         62    -8.01 20030811.2012.06.mnf  Pg            0
 48 WTSB                 ISC      P         523     5.20 20050125.1644.12.mnf  P             0
 48 HGN                  ISC      P         527     8.67 20050125.1644.12.mnf  P             0
 48 PBEJ                 ISC      P         675     5.52 20050125.1644.12.mnf  P             0
 49 KARS                 ISC      Pn         30    -5.53 20050125.1752.12.mnf  Pn            0
 53 ERZM                 ISC      Pn         72     5.09 20060526.1459.30.mnf  Pn            0
 55 ERZM                 ISC      Pn         63     5.03 20060729.0151.11.mnf  Pn            0
 62 IKOM                 ISC      Pn        257    -5.51 20101106.0105.16.mnf  Pn            0
 66 PLD                  ISC      P         734    -8.15 20111023.1041.23.mnf  P             0
 66 KURBB                ISC      PcP      1449    13.06 20111023.1041.23.mnf  PcP           0
 66 BER                  ISC      P        1679    -7.55 20111023.1041.23.mnf  P             0
 66 PVRL                 ISC      P        1983     5.58 20111023.1041.23.mnf  P             0

The first line contains only the threshold value of the cluster residual (eci) provided as input to the lres command. In the following lines the value of the cluster residual for each reading is listed in the field just before the event file name.

The phase name is given twice in this format, first as the original phase name read from the event file, second as the re-identified phase name used by mloc. If you are using a ~.lres file as a guide for manual investigation/flagging of problematic station-phases, you would use the latter phase name as input to rstat.

The last column, which is always zero in this example, carries the line number of the reading in a differential time data file (in MNF v1.5 format). These readings must be flagged by hand. Because of the way mloc handles differential time data there will be two entries for each differential time reading, one with positive cluster residual, the other having the same absolute value but negative.