MLOC Depth Codes

MLOC Depth Codes

mloc uses single-character “depth codes” in a variety of circumstances to carry information on the source of a depth estimate. The recognized codes are listed here:

Depth Codes
Depth Code Meaning
c Cluster default depth
d Teleseismic depth phases
e Engineered (man-made explosion)
f Fault model (InSAR, GPS, etc)
l Local-distance readings
m mloc solution with free depth
n Near-source station readings
r Relocation outside mloc with free depth
u Unknown
w Waveform analysis

Although the use of depth codes is optional (blank is processed without problems), it is recommended to use them whenever possible.

The depth code “l” indicates a constraint on focal depth from readings at local distance (but still direct, crustal P and S phases), beyond the distance range normally considered appropriate for depth control (for which the “n” flag is provided). This is an advanced topic that requires careful analysis in mloc.

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