Author: Eric Bergman

Bogota, Colombia cluster added

I uploaded a calibrated cluster for the Bogot√°, Colombia region today. It includes the Mw 6.3 earthquake on August 17, 2023 and two aftershocks (magnitudes 5.7 and 5.0). It will show up in the ScienceBase dataset with a couple days and the mloc data is posted here.

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Two new calibrated clusters

Today I added calibrated clusters “austin” (Nevada), “khutia” (western Georgia) and “ardahan” (northeastern Turkey) to GCCEL. It may take a few days for them to show up on the ScienceBase website and they will only appear at the ISC Dataset Repository when I have added enough new clusters to justify a new distribution. The mloc folders for these three clusters are available now on this website.

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GCCEL in Google Earth

I created a file gccel.kmz for displaying the current GCCEL dataset in Google Earth or any other program that can handle a kmz file. The file can also be downloaded from the GCCEL section of this website. Cluster hypocentroids are organized by country and shown in red; clicking the icon displays a lot of information about the cluster. Individual epicenters are shown in yellow; clicking the icon gives information on the hypocenter, magnitude and calibration level. Display of epicenters (all or none) can be toggled on or off.

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